Hello world!

Quite apt I think for my first blog entry that the default message is titled “Hello world!” considering that it was programming that inspired me to create this blog.

I had started following Riemer Grootjans fantastic tutorials on XNA Game Studio 3.0 http://www.riemers.net/, what actually inspired me to create this, is that XNA is now up to version 4.0 bringing with it a slew of changes so some of these tutorials require a little more than just reading and digesting to get them to work.

Whilst this has given me a better opportunity to learn how the pieces are put together, I wanted to share this journey with the world and hopefully at least one person will continue to follow those tutorials where they may have previously given up.

Since Riemer seems to be busy right now, I don’t expect the site to be updated to the newer version any time soon. Maybe this can act as an intermediary, having said that if Riemer is not happy with me posting here I will gladly remove the content.

The makeshift disclaimer out of the way I will be returning to the first of the 3D tutorials and documenting the changes I made to get it to work in my next post!


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