Creating the 3D city

In this tutorial we are just going to carry over some of the changes from the last one, since the only method we need to change is copied from it and extended.

So we change this line in the SetUpVertices() method:
cityVertexBuffer = new VertexBuffer(device, verticesList.Count * VertexPositionNormalTexture.SizeInBytes, BufferUsage.WriteOnly);

cityVertexBuffer.SetData (verticesList.ToArray());

to this:

cityVertexBuffer = new VertexBuffer(device, typeof(VertexPositionNormalTexture) ,verticesList.Count, BufferUsage.WriteOnly);


And again remove this line:

texturedVertexDeclaration = new VertexDeclaration(device, VertexPositionNormalTexture.VertexElements);

And that is all for this tutorial, next step Loading a model.


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